A Break in the Clouds

Been headed south, 
The plans that I'd made, 
All petering out. 

And it comes in waves, 
The cross on my back, 
A break in the clouds. 


It will be autumn soon, 
So lets just try, 
To see the summer through. 

And there will always be, 
Another time. 
To say the things, 
I should have said to you. 

I couldn't act upon, 
A growing feeling, 
I could not escape. 

And left it all too long, 
I didn't think that, 
I could be too late. 
I didn't think. 

If l wait, 
For all the leaves to fall, 
Hoping to, catch you. 

Now all the branches, 
Are bare, but a few. 
And I can't wait, 
For you. 

Haven Lea

All the old, 
Familiar signs. 
I was hoping, 
Still to find. 
The weather easing, 
Ever shielded, 
By the pine. 

Out in front, 
I’m near behind, 
Heather even, 
Either side. 
And tried, your path, 
Will ease our task, 
Come Spring. 

And in my head, 
You’re by the gate. 
But you won’t be there, 
As I come to the door. 

Out of sight 
Though never far, 
From our thoughts. 

And in my heart, 
You’re on the shore. 
With the waves at your feet, 
The wind in your hair. 

And in my dreams, 
You’re with the birds, 
As they take to the skies, 
And their song fills the air.